Ficus F 2000

Ficus F 2000

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Ficus F 2000
Trailed type, powered by Tractor PTO via a shielded shaft. Required tractor power is 60 HP. Suitable for spraying orchard fields and gardens.

General Characteristics
• Easily adjustable and user friendly,
• High efficiency,
• Polyethylene tank,
• Turbo fan case is made of ni-cr stainless steel or galvanized,
• Angle adjustable or high flowrate fan,
• Easily cleanable water filter,
• Optional auxiliary clean water tank,
• Homogeneous mixing of water and pesticide at hydraulic mixer,
• Pressure regulation,
• Quick filling of pesticide at 30 bar high pressure,
• Easily mountable on tractor drawbar by means of jack leg with wheel,
• Discharge beam lenght of spray can be adjusted at the nozzle,
• Level indicator on the tank,
• Fun hub and blades are made of hard plastic.

C-145 pump with 145 lt/min flowrate.

Turbo control unit, compatible with high pressure pumps.

Jack Leg.

Easy cleanable Filter, resistant to high pressure.

Ficus Turbo Fan.

Pressure filter, with self-cleaning.

Angle adjustable nozzle.

Wheels, suitable for any field condition

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