Beta HP 1000

Beta HP 1000

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Mounted on 3-pt of the tractor, powered by PTO via a shielded shaft. Required tractor power is 50 HP. Suitable in any field condition.

General Characteristics
• Easily adjustable and user friendly,
• High efficiency,
• Polyethylene tank,
• Easily cleanable water filter,
• Optional auxiliary clean water tank,
• Homogeneous mixing of water and pesticide at hydraulic mixer,
• Pressure regulation,
• Quick filling of pesticide at 30 bar high pressure,
• Easily mountable on 3-pt of tractors,
• Level indicator on the tank,
• With the hydraulic system on the machine, the boom can elevate 75 cm vertically,
• Also, useful in control of shield bugs.

4-Diaphragm pump C-96, the best in its class, produced in our factory from casting to assembling.

OPR 40-5 Control, sensitive adjustment of pectiside, simple design.

Galvanized springs.

Simple design of foldable boom.

A seperate clean water tank.

3 ways plastic nozzle

1 way plastic nozzle

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