Stercoris CAH 1200

Stercoris CAH 1200

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Stercoris CAH 1200
Three Point Linkage Type

Fertilizer spreader can be used before and after seeding crops.

The aim of the using fertilizer spreader is to increase the soil and the crops yields.

The Stercoris CAH Series are produced in three point linkage type or in Trailed Type.

The Stercoris CAH Series Spreaders has horizontal mixer system.

This system works slow and vertical, they reduced the damage of the fertilizer granules and it provides a sensitive flow of fertilizer.

Besides with different Disc and Wing sets, it is possible to spread from 10 mt. To 36 mt.

The Stercoris CAH Series Fertilizer Spreader are all controlled with hyraulic commands.

Disc and blades, the discs and blades made of stainless steel, offers possibilities based on the size of the desired job. 10-16 mt. , 18-24 mt. , 24-36 mt. Disc and blade sets are available

Flow, provides a smooth transition for fertilizer in the tank. At the same time taking on some of the pressure on the mixer provides a smoother flow.

Screen connected to the fertilizer tank with the hinged system prevents blocking of the flow channels by the agglomerated fertilizer and prevents entry of foreign materials into the fertilizer tank.

Fertilizer level indicator, while you are on the tracator, it allows you to see the amount of fertilizer when it runs low.

Amount setting unit, fertilizer setting unit providing the an equal and sensistive disposing of fertilizeris easy to use and practical.

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