Stercoris TAV 800

Stercoris TAV 800

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Stercoris TAV 800 Stercoris TAV 500
Fertilizer spreader is used before planting crops and after planting the crops.

The purpose of the fertilizer spreader is to increase the efficiency of the soil and the crop.

Stercoris TAV fertilizer spreader has a tank volume of 400 - 500 - 600 - 800 - 1000 lt.

Stercoris TAV is connected to the tractor with three point linkage system and it provide its movement with the PTO.

Stercoris TAV fertilizer spreader with an import transmission transfers the motion from the PTO to the disc and performs the fertilizer spreading work by the centrigugal force on the discs.

Stercoris TAV Fertilizer Spreader is also available with hyraulic control unit as an option.

Hydraulic Control Unit allows you to open and close the pouring covers with the help of the hydraulic control.

Hydraulic unit, allows you to make the necessary adjustments to dispose of fertilizer with the hydraulic equipment. Available as an option.

Disc & blades, provides precise distribution of the fertilizer coming from the tank.

Level indicator, while you are on the tracator, it allows you to see the amount of fertilizer when it runs low.

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